ABOUT Re-Imagining and Co-Creating

The 2024 Biennial Conference, entitled ‘Re-Imagining and Co-Creating’, will be held at the Grand Fiesta Americana Hotel in Veracruz, Mexico. Pre-Conference Workshops will begin on September xx, 2024. The full Conference Program will run from September xx, 2024 to September xx, 2024.

This conference will be of interest to Gestalt practitioners and psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, social and community workers, and others involved in working with the disadvantaged, organizational consultants, therapists who wish to integrate Gestalt into their practice, students of Gestalt, and advanced Gestalt therapists and trainers.


Conference Vision

Re-Imagining & Co-Creating is intended to develop Gestalt therapy practice and theory in its totality. We will start with our experiences of the contemporary challenges facing us as individuals, communities, and as part of  a wider ecological field. We will critically and creatively examine how our theory, including its roots in social activism, can address these challenges.  In our sorely fractured world we are called to understand and re-imagine the ways in which we relate to each other and our Earth.


The Conference will contribute to the evolution of our vibrant and diverse community of Gestalt practitioners around the world, and advance our praxis as we explore the multiplicity of forms and expressions of Re-Imagining & Co-Creating.

We are committed to fostering possibilities for:

Creative dialogue to explore our experiences of connection and separation within, between and around us.

Workshops, both planned and emergent, to rigorously explore our creative capacities for inquiry and understanding of the processes of alienating, healing, interconnectedness and belonging.


Registration for the conference opens on April 1, 2023.  We hope you share our excitement for this unique gathering in Mexico. 

In the meantime, please keep in touch with us for news and updates.  You can join us on Facebook at .  You can contact us with any questions at convenors@iaagt.org.  We would be delighted to hear from you!

2024 Conference Conveners:
Edwardo Rubio Ramirez, Rafael Cortina, and Deirdre Foley